Class Uniforms

  • Black jazz booties
  • Tan tap shoes
  • “Attitude” Crop Top
  • “Attitude” Singlet top
  • “Attitude” Shorts
  • “Attitude” Skirt with under Shorts
  • “Attitude” Sports Shorts
  • “Attitude” Tights
  • “Attitude” Boys Shorts
  • Black “Attitude” Muscle Shirt (Hip Hop & Cheer Only) Choice of uniform from above list

Beat Babies, Cheer Babies,  Mummy & Me


  • Aqua Blue & white Leotard with Skirt
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Tan Velcro Tap Shoes (Beat Babies only)
  • White Canvas Shoes (Cheer Babies)


  • “Attitude” Black Muscle Shirt
  • “Attitude” Boys Shorts
  • Black Tap shoes
  • Black Jazz Booties


Winter Jackets

  • Custom Unisex Fleece Jacket is an option for all students however it is compulsory for all competitive dancers and cheerleaders.


Ballet Pre-Primary & Primary

  • Pink  lycra leotard
  • Pink lycra circular skirt
  • White socks (ballet stocking will be required for the concert)
  • Pink leather ballet shoes
  • Pink cotton lycra cross over for cooler days


Ballet Grades 1 -5 Class Uniform

  • Pink Ballet shoes; 
  • Pink ballet stockings
  • Lunar Blue Energetics Leotard
  • Lunar blue cross over for cooler weather



Ballet Grades 1-5 Exam

  • Navy “Engergetics” leotard
  • Ballet stockings
  • Leather Ballet shoes
  • Navy Ribbon Hair Clip



Ballet Major Exam & Class

  • Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Ballet Exam
  • Black Energetics Thick strap leotard
  • Salmon Pink Ballet stocking
  • Pink leather ballet shoes
  • Pointe Shoes


Tap Exam Uniform

  • Black “Engergetics” leotard
  • “Attitude” lyrca Shorts
  • Tan fishnets
  • Black Ribbon Hair Piece
  • Camel Tap shoes